Matera, Italy

Photo taken from inside a cave that we reached by climbing down a mountain, crossing a ravine, then going up another mountain. Matera, Italy is incredible.

Photo by Pole Ninja Photography

Matera Italy Marlo Fisken

Handstand in Parma, Italy

When the guard disappears you must move quickly! Handstand in the Teatro Farnese. Wearing my black bamboo Flow Movement pants (as always) that permit random acts of awesome anytime anywhere.

Photo by Pole Ninja Photography.

Flow Movement Marlo Fisken Handstand Parma Italy

Tree Climbing at JUMA Amazon Lodge (Brazil)

This video makes my heart sing. Watching it takes me back to the Amazon, a place I never expected to visit, and to the top of the forest, a place I never expected to stand. But also, it reminds me how thankful I am to have adventure after adventure, and especially for who I get to share them with. Thank you for incessantly documenting our life, Pole Ninja Photography. 

If you want to learn more about our Amazonian adventure, here's an interview with our tour guide, Ralph.

Salt Flats, Boliva

When shopping for destinations for our South America tour, I learned there is a train graveyard near the Salt Flats in Bolivia. But then the reviews said that there were tons of tourists and garbage everywhere, and it sucked. Not true for us. We were practically the only ones there, and no garbage. Most importantly, no one told us we couldn't climb and explore.

It was actually really cool.

We had 30 minutes to set up, snap, and get out; this is what we managed.

Photos by Pole Ninja Photography.

Monkey Rub at JUMA Amazon Lodge, Brazil

I woke up at 6am excited to go look for my new monkey friend and....HI WOOLY!

(I'm aware that this angle paired with days of travel did me no favors, but hey -- looking cute and the jungle don't go together. It's not about me, it's about sharing this beautiful encounter : ) Also, sorry for the 'baby talk' voice... I always do that when I talk to animals. Then I hear it on video and cringe)

Training at Luna Salada Hotel de Sal

When you are in remote Bolivia, you either eat, spend time on the salt, or work it out in the hotel bar. I did lots of are some moments form my training in the only room with a wood floor in an otherwise completely salt-made hotel.

Filmed at Luna Salada Hotel de Sal.