Mexico (January/February 2015)

During my annual journey to Mexico i had more adventures than usual. In Cabo I chased whale sharks and dolphins and floated near sea lions on their craggly rock beds. In Mexico City I tried (and failed) to steer our stick propelled boat through the waters of Xochimilco. There were more species of water foul in that small area than anywhere I've ever seen. The Island of the Dolls was...special. Many feel uneasy about seeing hundreds of ill-paired doll heads and bodies covered in cocoons and mud pinned to trees and wires. I also traveled to oil-rich Ciudad del Carmen, and the majestic colonial cities of Puebla, Queretaro and San Luis Potosi. 

Lastly, I visited two of the most amazing places on earth, The dream-fueled Sir Edward James Castle in Xilitla and the Cave of the Swallows. Hiking through the jungle to reach a massive hole on the earth where birds dive fast as race cars into a hole way bigger than any skyscraper is pretty epic.  And visiting a 20 acre complex of surrealist concrete architecture and sculpture that waterfalls drift through is... mind-bending; it is an opportunity to step into the mind of an artist. If you have the chance...GO.