Matera, Italy

Photo taken from inside a cave that we reached by climbing down a mountain, crossing a ravine, then going up another mountain. Matera, Italy is incredible.

Photo by Pole Ninja Photography

Matera Italy Marlo Fisken

Tree Climbing at JUMA Amazon Lodge (Brazil)

This video makes my heart sing. Watching it takes me back to the Amazon, a place I never expected to visit, and to the top of the forest, a place I never expected to stand. But also, it reminds me how thankful I am to have adventure after adventure, and especially for who I get to share them with. Thank you for incessantly documenting our life, Pole Ninja Photography. 

If you want to learn more about our Amazonian adventure, here's an interview with our tour guide, Ralph.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Three days ago, in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia we hiked out to the salt, and did this....

Rainbow face and couture mylar samurai moo-moo by Flow Movement ; )

Photo by Pole Ninja Photography.

Boulder, Colorado (May 2015)

A hike in Boulder, Colorado.
Pants by Flow Movement.

Mexico (January/Febraury 2015) - Part II

Photos by Kenneth Kao.

Mexico (January/February 2015)

During my annual journey to Mexico i had more adventures than usual. In Cabo I chased whale sharks and dolphins and floated near sea lions on their craggly rock beds. In Mexico City I tried (and failed) to steer our stick propelled boat through the waters of Xochimilco. There were more species of water foul in that small area than anywhere I've ever seen. The Island of the Dolls was...special. Many feel uneasy about seeing hundreds of ill-paired doll heads and bodies covered in cocoons and mud pinned to trees and wires. I also traveled to oil-rich Ciudad del Carmen, and the majestic colonial cities of Puebla, Queretaro and San Luis Potosi. 

Lastly, I visited two of the most amazing places on earth, The dream-fueled Sir Edward James Castle in Xilitla and the Cave of the Swallows. Hiking through the jungle to reach a massive hole on the earth where birds dive fast as race cars into a hole way bigger than any skyscraper is pretty epic.  And visiting a 20 acre complex of surrealist concrete architecture and sculpture that waterfalls drift through is... mind-bending; it is an opportunity to step into the mind of an artist. If you have the chance...GO.


Germany / Poland / Czech Republic / Hungary / Austria / Switzerland / France (Sept. - Nov. 2014)

I started this trip teaching in Germany (where a good portion of my ancestry originates) and saw the youthful liberated energy of Berlin.  I then made my way through three cities in Poland: Gdansk; Warsaw; and Wroclaw.  I spent a week trying to replace all "W" sounds with "V" sounds in order to read anything.  I confirmed my love of Kielbasa and then passed through regal Prague and Budapest before spending time in Vienna.  The air, mountains, and elderflower juice of Innsbruck, Austria won my heart once again.  There is space to MOVE, the city encourages skateboarding (everywhere) and has organic markets.  Win!  I then made my way to Switzerland where I felt so safe I confidently took night walks through narrow streets of Zurich.  

The pants in this photo can be purchased HERE.

Next up was France for the second time this year.  After a few days in Paris, I headed to Strasbourg, the heart of the Alsace region, for a day of workshops and a photo shoot with Haze Kware.  The first picture has been released and was taken in a Petite France, part of Grande île, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  More photos from this shoot to come....

France / Portugal (July 2014)

Ever since I obsessively read the book, "French Dirt," when I was a young-gun, I said that I wanted to visit the South of France in the summertime.  I did!  For almost five weeks I taught across the Basque and Midi-Pyrénées regions to Côte d'Azur.  My trip finished in colorful Lisbon, Portugal, with a weekend intensive full of 26 international movement enthusiasts.  I didn't have a chance to meet Branko (one of my favorite DJs of Kuduro, Afro-House, and everything funky who calls Lisbon home) so…next time.

Colorado / Utah (June 2014)

Oh Colorado, how I love you!  Every time I arrive I think, "How does the sky look SO much larger here?"  Against logic and any explanation of topography and human construction, I maintain that the sky IS larger in Colorado.  This was my first visit to Utah.  Growing up and going to dance competitions, the kids from studios in Utah were always technical beasts.  I wasn't sure if they came from some kind of dance commune where they were forced to train from the moment they could right themselves or if they just had great teachers.  I still don't know, but I loved my time there.

California (March - April 2014) / Minnesota (May 2014)

I kept it domestic for a few months. I started by teaching all over Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Bay Area. I visited my friend's home which happens to be the Seva Ashram in Santa Cruz. I was greeted with flowers and all the veggies I could ever eat.  Soon after, the Flow team accompanied me to Minnesota to film the Flow Movement video series.