Matera, Italy

Photo taken from inside a cave that we reached by climbing down a mountain, crossing a ravine, then going up another mountain. Matera, Italy is incredible.

Photo by Pole Ninja Photography

Matera Italy Marlo Fisken

Germany / Poland / Czech Republic / Hungary / Austria / Switzerland / France (Sept. - Nov. 2014)

I started this trip teaching in Germany (where a good portion of my ancestry originates) and saw the youthful liberated energy of Berlin.  I then made my way through three cities in Poland: Gdansk; Warsaw; and Wroclaw.  I spent a week trying to replace all "W" sounds with "V" sounds in order to read anything.  I confirmed my love of Kielbasa and then passed through regal Prague and Budapest before spending time in Vienna.  The air, mountains, and elderflower juice of Innsbruck, Austria won my heart once again.  There is space to MOVE, the city encourages skateboarding (everywhere) and has organic markets.  Win!  I then made my way to Switzerland where I felt so safe I confidently took night walks through narrow streets of Zurich.  

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Next up was France for the second time this year.  After a few days in Paris, I headed to Strasbourg, the heart of the Alsace region, for a day of workshops and a photo shoot with Haze Kware.  The first picture has been released and was taken in a Petite France, part of Grande île, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  More photos from this shoot to come....

Colorado / Utah (June 2014)

Oh Colorado, how I love you!  Every time I arrive I think, "How does the sky look SO much larger here?"  Against logic and any explanation of topography and human construction, I maintain that the sky IS larger in Colorado.  This was my first visit to Utah.  Growing up and going to dance competitions, the kids from studios in Utah were always technical beasts.  I wasn't sure if they came from some kind of dance commune where they were forced to train from the moment they could right themselves or if they just had great teachers.  I still don't know, but I loved my time there.

Australia / New Zealand (January - March 2014)

As an American, Australia is a wild experience.  In many ways, it is quite similar to the US: It has a comparable history and an equally diverse terrain, yet it is about as far as a landmass can be.  But it is what sets Australia apart that I love the most.  On this trip, I visited Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Ballaraat, Perth, and Cairns where I was able to dive the Reef and see giant clams large enough to sit inside (I did not try this since the clams were home).  In my third visit to Sydney, I happened across a modest little beach road called Marlo Road before moving on to New Zealand in the midst of the cicada apocalypse.  Queenstown, New Zealand is a powerful place.  It is an alpine town rich with Maori history and young adventurists.  I dodged insane downhillers while hiking the Tiki trail and toured Glenorchy (where Lord of the Rings was filmed).  New Zealand is pure beauty.