Hi, Marlo here. 

I’ve always been immersed in movement. I've studied dance for 30 years and have taught movement professionally for 18 years. I love leading atypical group movement experiences, and I am continually exploring how I can lead in innovative and welcoming ways. 

I'm a graduate of the Virginia Governors School for the Arts (modern dance major), and I have a degree in Anthropology and Public Relations from the University of Miami.  Over the years I accumulated numerous certifications and credentials in the fitness and mind-body realm, but working directly with movement innovators and decades of self-directed study has been the most impactful on my work today.

I'm most known for my pole dance accolades and innovations. I started experimenting out of curiosity over 11 years ago before there were mainstream competitions. Pole dance confirmed that there is a magic in moving in circles, abandoning the confines of a mat, slowing way down, and using your full range of motion. 

Flow Movement was born out of my desire to share what I understand about fluid movement. I wanted to share the benefits of dance experiences without the things that generally scare people away. Dance doesn't have to be complicated or intimidating, though it too often is. The Flow Movement approach invites all people in and delivers in a way that stimulates imagination, sensuality, connection, and playfulness.

After 10 years in NYC, I now reside in Boulder Colorado with my partner Kenneth Kao (Ken also supplied nearly every beautiful photo on this site). We travel internationally to teach 6-10 months a year. One of my proudest accomplishments is teaching in 70 countries — visiting many of them repeatedly. It's not that I've traveled that brings me joy, it's that I've built something unique that people all over the world want to experience.

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2013 International Pole Dance Fitness Associations Instructor of the Year
2013 Webby Awards Winner in the category of Online Film and Video for “The Last Goodbye"
2011 Aerial Pole International Champion
2010 American Pole Fitness Association Female Champion

Assorted Performance Credits


Sobe Adreniline Rush
Pilates Power Gym
Bosu Ball

SHAPE Magazine Feature
Shape Magazine
Fitness Magazine
Self Magazine
Oxygen Magazine
"The New York Times"

Ad Campaigns:
Dick's Sporting Goods
The Vitamin Shoppe

Fitness DVDs:
Flow Movement
Pilates Power Gym 2-in-1 Video

TV shows:
"The Colbert Report"
"30 Rock"
"Law & Order"
"Americas Got Talent"

"Rock of Ages"

Diplo's "Set It Off"

Performed with:
Kid Rock
Wyclef Jean
Don Omar
General Motors
W Hotels

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Sample of my freestyle work as a dancer, featuring the Basic Flow Pant on the left and a choreography pole routine on the right: