Movement Fix

Just after hopping off the plane in Seattle I met up with my friend Dr. Ryan DeBell. I've attended his seminar and followed his Movement Fix work for sometime, so it was an honor to share some of my work with him and his audience. Check out what we talked about:

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I made something! Look!

Massive gratitude to Carla Tracy, MRBRPR and Kenneth Kao/ Pole Ninja Photography for being part of the creative team.


I’ve learned a lot of things during my years on the road—and many of them stem from adaptability. Often, I need to have a little self-talk about accepting and embracing my circumstances. I know that if I’m caught up on my lack of "comforts," I’ll miss out on the details of the life around me.  This practice of acceptance also leads to creativity.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed using my surroundings for movement sessions. Rather than working out "in" a place, I work out all over the place. You need less space when the obstacles around you become what you are interacting with.