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On Cueing...

On Cueing...

A cue is a prompt or direction about what to do.  We’re exposed to cues about movement all the time in the form of signs such as, “Please keep right,” or “DANGER: DO NOT WALK ON THE ICE."

Do you think they meant alternative forms of locomotion are okay? Or did they mean, “Stay off the ice?”

I’m reallllly into cues. Why? Because the right words have the power to make something you’ve done thousands of times feel totally new. The right phrase can transform your understanding, help you drop a bad habit, or even release some emotional baggage.
Here are 7 ideas to help you become a better cuer. Even if you have no intention of teaching, these exercises are guaranteed to make you more aware of your movement:

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Six Days of Surrender

Six Days of Surrender

A few weeks ago I attended the Brazilian Zouk retreat in Sagunto, Spain, led by Xandy Liberato. I suspected, when I impulsively registered, that I was diving into the deep end. Generally, when you choose to work closely with a master/innovator of a form, you should know something, or a lot of something, before you show up. I didn’t know anything about Brazilian Zouk except the superficial qualities I’d ascertained from watching Youtube vids. Some were really swirly and free, and some were really crotch-grindy. I liked the swirly ones.

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