Thanking My Movement Teachers

Over the next few weeks I want to thank some of my early movement teachers and share the big lessons I learned with each of them that I still refer to today.

First in line is my first real dance teacher, Lisa Wallace. She trained me from age 10-18 at Jean Wallace studios in Virginia Beach, Va. Under Lisa's wing I learned ballet, jazz, tap, Broadway, and rhythmic-inspired acro dance. I learned to to perform under all types of circumstances during our countless parades, recitals, competitions and community shows. I learned how to fill an amphitheater with my presence and how to ration my energy under the blistering hot summer sun and winter nights. I learned to appreciate a multitude of dance forms-- even if we didn't practice them, I learned that they were important.

Most significantly, I learned that if you can't have fun while creating movement- you probably won't have joy when sharing it. Rather than stymieing my growth as an independent mover, she recognized that I was a creator and encouraged me to explore and share my ideas with the group. Even when it was challenging, making dances with her felt like play. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you forever and ever Miss. Lisa!

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