When we say, "We got into the flow of things," or, "It all just flowed together," we're saying that there was a change -- from separate pieces into a whole.  We moved with minimum effort.  We became so engrossed in an activity that we lost sense of place, time, and perhaps even sense of self.  I believe the ideal physical activity not only makes us strong and mobile, balanced and agile -- it also stimulates us creatively and makes us explore.  It excites and engages us.

Flow Movement is both an apparel line and a series of progressive fluidity drills for all levels, often involving flexibility training, floor work, level changes, and tempo play.  By learning movements where more than just your feet are attached to the floor, we have an opportunity to receive feedback about our mobility and movement quality.  We also learn about how control is a gateway to power -- and fun -- by changing speeds.

In a Flow Movement class, you will move creatively through the primal patterns of rolling, crawling, sliding, twisting, folding, arching, squatting, lunging, walking, and more. You will learn to change positions with both supple control and momentum. The floor is your equipment.  You'll learn to manipulate it for strength, awareness, and creativity.

Flow Movement is not a gimmick.  When I asked fitness industry marketing professionals what they thought of my ideas, they were quick to recognize the innovation, but just as quick to tell me I needed a claim about looking good or losing weight or some other nonsense.

I will not promise you amazing abs, great workout hair, or better sex...even if it's true (strong bodies that move well ARE attractive, hair looks great in motion, a mobile spine is a happy spine--and a happy spine not only helps you feel better in your sex life, but in your LIFE). While your life could change by doing these exercises, that is your journey.

I'm just here to share my experiences and reacquaint you with your body.

Happy Flowing,