It's winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. This means people don't spend as much time outside. But, regardless of season, being outside is an important part of avoiding the winter blues, a.k.a., "SAD" (seasonal affective disorder). You know how winter can be de-motivating and glum? You don't want to move because you're cold, or it's dark?

During daylight, GO OUTSIDE. I'm using all caps not to yell, but to state my enthusiasm over this incredibly simple principle that most of us have forgotten.

I find that a few minutes outside leaves me focused and de-stressed. My postural muscles wake up. As a result, I work more effectively when I go back inside. 

Lately, I've been doing more than walking. I flow with various natural surfaces. While I LOVE to slide all over an immaculately clean, shiny floor, I'm into adaptability.  I've always admired b-boys, traceurs and Capoeiristas that can go HARD on rugged surfaces. So...I've been RockFlowing. And SnowFlowing.

If you're up for trying some outdoor acts of flowing please do exercise common sense.  Don't try rolling on sharp rocks -- but smooth-ish rocks, snow, grass, trees -- you really can do a lot. Of course it will be less than you're used to... but so what. Nature teaches us lessons about technique, adaptability, and control that are hard to replicate indoors. 

Remember to tag #flowmovement and #floorflow so I can see your moves!