Fall Flow Movement Book Suggestions


Here are a few impactful books I’ve read recently:

The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker: Though this book is primarily written for those who organize social and corporate gatherings, I found loads of inspiration for my classes and events within. If you are interested in creating memorable, welcoming, and transformative experiences, check out this beautifully written book.

The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs: I knew this book would be heartbreaking, but I didn’t expect to gently carry it around the house for a day after I had finished it while I mourned the loss of the author and reflected on what it means to produce impactful creative work that lives beyond you.

Presence by Amy Cuddy: If you are interested in developing confidence and that elusive quality of authenticity, in yourself or your students, this book provides some great insights. I found myself taking notes on nearly every page about how I can apply these ideas to my dance practice and creative movement instruction.