My most recent tour included a few spots I’ve dreamed of for a long time. One of the most memorable was the Dead Sea. It truly exceeded my expectations.  I'd heard things like, “It doesn’t look like much," so I was expecting a big muddy lake/sea that you float really well in.

But WHOA. The colors of the place were divine. The air was perfect. Not only did I float, I felt like a baby seal --I ’ve never been so slimy, in a good way. For days after, my skin felt like I was 4 years old.

Plus, there was no one else there. We first went in Israel and said, “We have to go back.” So we did, in Jordan. And this time, I was prepared for a shoot.

Ken, the photographer, put together an immersive blog of our experience getting to this incredible place.

See more HERE.  All photos and video by POLE NINJA PHOTOGRAPHY.


I’m SO glad I experienced you. Your scenery, people, culture, history and food left etchings in my heart.

In three incredibly packed days we made our way through Petra, Little Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. At night we slept in a tent in below freezing temperatures, and during the day we hiked, sweated, and explored.

Ken created this video to give a taste of what we experienced. If you have any interest in epic places, the crazy way we pull of location shoots, or Indiana Jones…WATCH and enjoy:

We entered Petra from the back. In the back there's no fence, no guard, only mountains. We went that way because we hoped to reach an iconic location before the masses who enter through the front gates. Our guide picked us up sometime just after sunrise, and took us over a mountain.

We were the first people to reach the monastery (the carved building behind me). But, I almost lost my chance to shoot; I struggled hard with getting ready for this one. I didn't want to be disrespectful by wearing something considered indecent, but this was my one chance, a several minute window of time before more people would be there. The few workers wandering by did not seem to care at all.

I've learned that great images require skin showing. But-- many great locations are at odds with this, either due to weather, masses of onlookers, or religious and cultural principles. This was one of those times. Despite my discomfort, I am happy to say not only did I visit Petra, I very briefly became a shiny orange mermaid in Petra.


On top of a mountain, there stood a natural arch. Inside of it stood a dancer... with a less natural arch:

This was taken inside of Petra, Jordan. We hiked up a hill, then I crawled into two thousand year old room slipped on a leotard and shimmied up a wall. This is the result.