How do I start a pole freestyle/improv session?

No two days are ever the same, but one of my favorite ways to open is by settling into a posture, with the floor or pole, and staying there— sometimes for several minutes— as I explore weight shifts and joint articulations. I start SLOWLY, practicing patient play. 

The first song lays a trail for where I will go as the session progresses—this is why starting in a way that FEELS right is key.

I’ve found that the more time I give myself in these first moments, the more successful the session feels. (Most are so slow that they will never ever see the internet). For me, successful sessions are:

  • Pleasurable (feels good during and after)

  • Free of negative self-dialogue (session is based on excitement and refinement rather than self-criticism)

  • Innovative/Creative (This one is tricky, as it’s mostly a sensation. It happens when I naturally arrive in *new-to-me* shapes, patterns, and dynamics. Or when my movement is shaped by a new song I’m feeling. Innovation can be as simple as a hand gesture. Or, if I take inspiration from any other mover, I re-work it into something different. In other words, I feel creative when the session is based on research rather than chasing other people’s abilities or preferences).

These points apply regardless of length-- sessions may be 5 min. or 3 hours. 

To keep it real, slow, non-flashy movement isn’t what gets the best response from the internet. But, it sure does get the best response from my spirit. This is where potential brews and this is where I hone foundations and connection. 

Want to dive deep into intoxicating and refreshing Slow & Low practice with me? 

I am adding events all week on my calendar for this Fall and early next year.

I’m fresh of the Amsterdam and Boulder editions, and they were big hits .

Check out these videos of improvisations that happened during the event...