Envision Festival

A few weeks ago, I made my way to Costa Rica for Envision Festival. I honestly had no idea what I was in for. I hadn’t heard of most of the DJs, was not familiar with the movement teachers or lecturers, and I didn’t know anyone attending.  I knew I would be in a tent, but didn’t think much what that would mean logistically.

I quickly discovered that I had all the wrong clothes (What I had was way too hot. Pants? No. I basically should have planned for bikinis+decorations). It took about 10 minutes to realize I would be dirtier and sweatier than I’ve ever been in my life. I don’t mean dirty in a “I’ve been exercising all day” way—I was legitimately rolling and stomping in dirt from dawn till midnight. More often than not, the shower was out of water when I found an opportunity to try. But everyone else was just as dirty, and it was great.

The event is 24/7. With classes starting at 6 am, and music ending at 7am, 5 music stages, lecture temples, movement spaces and a beach…there was SO MUCH going on. I think most attendees prioritize what happens after dark, but I focused mostly on the classes and the social aspect. I took authentic movement, Qi Gong Dance, Contact Improv, Feldenkrais, Yoga, and more. I sat in on a women’s circle, sustainability lectures, and something I can only describe as a scream-out-your-past-traumas party.

I did things in classes that I probably would have avoided, had there been descriptions. From staring into a strangers’ eyes while making random noises, to being a part of a hundred person shamanic hug party/cacao ritual—I experienced many, very memorable, firsts. I’ve never been in such a large body-positive, movement and expression positive environment. Ever. 

I wanted to share a few people I met with you—I’ll surely continue to follow them:

Tasha Blank:
This woman is not only a beautiful dancer, she is leading a revolution. Her DJ set and Ecstatic dance sessions were AMAZING.  Check out her Envision set HERE.

Jess Carmen Young:
I took her Alchemy of Improv class and it was divine. She’s based in Portland, Oregon.


Cocréa Partner Dance:
Wren LaFeet led this partner dance class. I loved the format, and philosophy—but most importantly, I was able to get free.