SEVEN Days of Flowgrams and Free Flowing

Starting tomorrow, I’m launching seven days of BIG announcements. Keep your eyes out for info related to my upcoming pole and floor programs, instructor development opportunities, my new scholarship program (!), epic guest instructors and FREE stuff.

Announcements will be on my Flow Movement Facebook page and here, in this blog.

DAY 1: Certified Floor Flow® Teachers Gathering in Boulder, Colorado

Three days of play with other certified floor lovers.If you took the Floor Flow® Level One Teacher Training, tested, and want to go deeper into this practice, what better way to do it than spending three days with a selected group of Floor Flow graduates? More info and registration HERE.

If you are interested in taking a Floor Flow® Teacher Training and testing for certification to be eligible for this event, there are trainings scheduled in March, May, and August 2017.


Day 2: Rise + Slide: A Floor Flow® Wake-Up

Before I turned my focus to being in the air, and on the floor, I spent two decades dancing on my feet. What started as a love of jazz dance morphed into a love or anything which a rhythmic emphasis on footwork. i craved the patterns of house, hip-hop and dancehall. Determined to become the rhythms, I listened and danced constantly. I would take every class I could find that kept African and Caribbean dance traditions alive. (I was so sad when Djoniba Drum and Dance closed).

But, I STILL love warming up with footwork, and leading warm-ups this way…but I don’t. Mostly because I don’t want to terrify people who came to me for ‘flowiness’.

But, here’s the deal, rhythm in the feet is rhythm in your heart and loins expressed downward. Footwork, is a way to connect rhythm & earth. Don’t you want all your parts to be able to express musicality? I sure do. (I can go on and on about this, but I won’t.)

But also, footwork patterns can be transformed into floorwork patterns if you embody them. This concept has been exciting the s**t out of me recently. I tested this class format out for my NYE floor jam, and we had a blast. SO, if you are interested how standing patterns turn into sexy, funky, and dope floorwork, join me for this workshop.

Day 3:  Pole Flow® Foundations Intensives

My Summer pole intensives are ready to roar! The dates are set, but a few things have changed. Upon EXTENSIVE consideration, I will be creating two separate Pole Flow® Intensives -- a four day and a seven day event. Learn more on the link below!

(Details on the shockingly popular Anthro-pole-ogy event are coming tomorrow.) And also rolling out this week....scholarship opportunities!

Registration opens on Monday, Jan 23 @9am East coast time.

Day 4: Anthro-pole-ogy

When I first announced this I event, I had a feeling no one would be into it.

See, it had started as something else, a completely different name and concept, but, I wasn’t excited enough about it. I worked and worked on the concept and content until it really made me feel something. But, it was missing what tends to get the most attention in the pole world. In fact, most of the description spoke of self-care, creative development and understanding restorative movement patterns.

I was prepared for the reality that Anthro-pole-ogy might not speak to other people, the way it does to me. I was ready to just spend 10 days talking to myself while dancing to drums, rolling on the floor and climbing stuff.

But I was WRONG. I was shocked by the number of you that submitted an interest form.

The dates and details are now live, and registration opens Monday.

If you attend, you are going to bathe in information and practices that will improve your performance as a human, and as a poler. But also, you will have fun. To me, if your movement practice doesn’t make you happy, you need to change it up.

Just to avoid any surprises, you WILL spend time outside during this, and it WILL be very very good for you.

I can’t wait to go DEEP with those of you who join.

Day 5: Flow Movement® Six Minute Sessions

HERE, HAVE SOMETHING FREE that is grounding and good for you. This video is my gift to you.

Since I’ve been home for a month, I’ve been busting tail to create. One of the things I started is called Six Minute Sessions. They are tutorial videos that contain explanation and progressions of several floor elements that beautifully fit together. At the end, I flow it out and show you how to play with the content, in order to make it your own. There are many more of these coming, enjoy!

Sessions 1-5 available now.


When I see comments on my event posts from people who genuinely want to attend my events, but can’t swing it financially, my heart breaks. Movement teachers, I KNOW THE HUSTLE. I’ve been there. In my twenties I would teach 30+ classes a week at venues all over NYC, then personal train on top of it. I was exhausted, I had no spare energy, and little money to invest back in myself.

If you are hungry to learn more about movement, the body, the art of instruction, and creative development, I WANT TO HELP facilitate your growth.

I’ve created a SCHOLARSHIP program that applies to all of my programs and intensives.  There will be several recipients of scholarships ranging from 20-80% off for each program I offer (Pole Flow Intensives, Floor Flow Teacher Training,  Anthro-pole-ogy, Floor Flow/Flowbility intensive).

If you think that attending one of my events would bring great value to your life, apply. Tell me your story. Tell me what this would mean to you, and the people you share movement with.

This should go without saying, but please apply honestly. There is a BIG difference between having very limited disposable income, and dropping lots of money on “things”, then complaining about the cost of education and enrichment . The programs I create are literally years, if not decades in the making. You will not show up and be asked the question “so what should we do today?”.  You will be immersed.

I’m truly excited to be able to offer this opportunity.

Day 7: Fan Appreciation Day

Today, I want to extend my deep gratitude to you, the real people, who through this social media platform, support my work. The practice of leaving behind little comments and likes can seem silly or frivolous, but in many ways, it’s how I measure what people like, value, and want more of. Your simple feedback, or lack thereof provides me direction. If you’ve ever left a comment, a like, a heart, or sent a message, THANK YOU. I want to inspire and help as many people as possible,  and your feedback, supports me on that quest.

There are three people in particular who are consistently commenting on and engaging with my posts on the Flow page. They leave comments and many times, share things—that I had no expectation of anyone sharing. It feels like these three see everything….

AJ, Erlin, and Marguerita, I'm gifting you with access to the entire FM video library which is about 7 hours and 28 videos, as a token of appreciation for the number of times you have helped bring awareness to my work. I APPRECIATE YOU! 

Bonus for everyone: Go grab yourself one MORE free Six Minute Session with code THANKYOU.  Offer valid through 1/22/17, 11:59PM EST.