I'm Retired...Kind Of

Tour Retirement

I haven’t told many people this….but, I’m on my last pole tour right now. Since 2011, I’ve spent between 5-10 months a year traveling the world teaching and judging, and it’s coming to an end.

I’ve taught now in 42 countries (and visited plenty more). This still blows my mind. Because videos of me dancing have been seen around the world, I was asked to go to these places. I am absolutely humbled. People all over the world welcomed and took care of me. For the rest of my life, I will retain that following the thought “I should get a pole” was one of the best little decisions I ever made.

But, I have to change the way I do things.

I like pole dancing, but I LOVE moving well and moving "wholistically." I crave learning and immersive study. Teaching has always been my calling, but I miss having regular students to grow with. The traveling pole life and my other desires have been at odds.  I will have a better opportunity to do these things by staying put more.

I plan to prioritize my health and growth — and lessen my exposure to environmental toxins and travel stresses. I want to spend less time exhausted and more time invigorated, Boulder is a great place for this.

Plus, I need to keep popping out Flow-based creations — but at a faster rate. I have big plans.

Will I still travel? Of course, I love seeing the world. I’ve traveled all my life, I just won’t “pole tour.” If I’m in Alaska, I’ll teach pole in Alaska. When I’m home in Boulder, I’ll teach pole there.

I’ll still offer Floor Flow® and Flowbility® trainings around the world; you can expect 2-4 international trainings a year, and several more in the US (heck, I might even go to Canada if they decide to take me off the black list….).

So…where can you find me in 2017? How can you train with me? There are many options, read on to find out more about:

  • Weekly Floor Flow® and Flowbility® classes

  • Pole Flow® Foundations Intensive (8 days)

  • Anthro-pole-ogy (professional event) (10 days)

  • Floor Flow® Certified Teachers Gathering (3 days)

  • Floor Flow®Level 1 Teacher Training (4 days)

Weekly Floor Flow® and Flowbility® classes

Classes will be every Saturday in January 2017 at Alchemy of Movement in Boulder, Colorado.


In short, this 1.5 hr musically-inspired class combines the development of functional mobility with creativity. Expect across-the-floor exercises that challenge your range of motion, agility and balance, and guided creativity exercises to help you discover transitions and freedom of movement.

Floor Flow®

This 1 hr 45 min class is entirely dedicated to the investigation of fluid floorwork. Expect to learn rolls, and easy-to-follow progressive combinations. Every class includes guided creative movement exercises to help you find your flow.  


I’ve taught at many camps and intensives. These events are special because they bring people together, sometimes from all over the world, to learn and bond. You form new friendships and experience a new places and cultures. But frankly, the learning expectations are often unrealistic.

You have a collection of teachers throwing fancy things at you for 5-8 hours a day. Some teachers are sensitive to how demanding camp is — some are not. Some schedules are completely over the top. Sometimes, you don’t have safe, reliable equipment or flooring. It’s hard to perform well when you are sweating like mad, freezing, starving, or are breaking your knees on concrete.

Sadly, the way many events are scheduled, burn-out and injuries are inevitable. Students arrive motivated, ready to go hard for days on end…but it’s simply not possible.

As a student, I like to give my all to things I enjoy. If I commit to a program, I prefer to take the time to go deep into something and the watch it grow day by day. I want the time to fully explore ideas when they arise—not be presented with 50 ideas then told it’s up to me to work on at a later time. It simply won’t happen. I want to leave with my health intact. I want to leave inspired, and with real accomplishments in my body. With that in mind, I’ve created several pole and floor based events for the summer of 2017.

One is geared towards teachers and one is geared to the enthusiast. All are structured in a way for you to see and feel growth—not burnout.  Stay tuned for more announcements of the non-pole events.

Pole Flow® Foundations Intensive

If you’re newer to pole, you love examining and getting creative with the basics, or you’ve felt like your quality of movement needs an overhaul, click to learn more about this program:

Anthro-pole-ogy Seminar

If you are a seasoned teacher or athlete who cares deeply about movement longevity, and hungers for creative inspiration and technical knowledge, click to learn about this program:

Floor Flow® Certified Teachers Gathering:

If you took the Level One training, tested, and want to go deeper into this practice, what better way to do it than spending three days with a selected group of Floor Flow® graduates?

Expect 5-7 hours a day of training time. This will include:

  • Movement and discussion sessions led by Marlo and other experienced Floor Flow teachers

  • Time for you to share with other floor lovers

  • Guided creative exercises to help you develop your own content

  • Time on matted flooring so that you can gain confidence with new skills

  • A surprise movement workshop so we can all be students together

Plus, you’ll be in Boulder, which means great food, nature, and additional movement classes galore

The cost is $220, which covers studio rentals, materials, guest teachers, and administrative fees.

This event starts just after Pole Theatre USA ends in Denver and ends just in time for you to fly to Vegas for Pole Expo if that is part of your plan.

Additionally, if you wanted to attend a Level 1 training again, there will be one just before Pole Theatre begins, Aug 26-29, 2017.

Floor Flow® Level 1 Teacher Trainings - 2017 Dates

  • March 23-26, 2017 (NYC, USA) (may be one week earlier)

  • April 6-9, 2017 (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

  • May 29-June 1, 2017 (Atlanta, GA, USA)

  • August 26-29 2017 (Boulder, Colorado)

  • October 26-29, 2017 (Portland, Oregon)