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Floor Flow® Level 1 Teacher Training


Do you LOVE floorwork? Would you enjoy teaching others to move freely and transcend style?  What if your class was a place where playful movement led to increased confidence, fitness, mind-body connection and unforeseen levels of creativity?

In a Floor Flow® class, the floor is your apparatus; we use it as a means to find increased mobility, control, sensitivity and most importantly, creative self-awareness.  

Over the course of four days, you'll learn a multitude of mobility enhancing movements, dynamic transitions, and infinitely looping flows that you can use to lead multi-level classes. You'll learn to safely and progressively teach movements inspired by contemporary dance, somatic movement, yoga, breakdance, capoeira, animal, and sensual movement. 

A primary goal of Floor Flow classes to to deliver material your students can get lost in. This requires skillful delivery and un understanding of how to musically layer movement, this is covered extensively over the four days.

The Floor Flow Level 1 Teacher Training will heighten your creative resourcefulness no matter what type of movement you love. 

The Objectives

Learn how to:

  • Create a class that teaches technique to new students while providing opportunities for experienced movers to break out of habitual patterns and expand their abilities;
  • Progressively teach proper alignment, and movement initiation of the Floor Flow moves through cueing that encourages optimal muscular function;

  • Modify Floor Flow techniques for various limitations and guide students into self-progression through creative challenges;

  • Heighten confidence and creativity through clear guided improvisation;

  • Optimize music/movement synergy, sequencing, and balance in your class;

  • Let your personality shine while you teach; and

  • Not take life so seriously.

Course Materials

Floor Flow® Level 1 Training Manual


While there are no required prerequisites, this is a teacher training, not just a four day workshop. You do not need any particular background to benefit from this training, but experience with floor movement in some context is highly recommended.

To familiarize yourself with some of the material in the training, we recommend watching and practicing the Floor Flow Tutorials: Basics, Intro to Flowbility®, and Flowbility Session 1 videos.

Continuing Education Credits

AFAA: Approved for 15 Continuing Education Credits

ACE: Approved for 2.3 Continuing Education Credits


There are three tiers of certification/accreditation for Floor Flow*:

Tier 1 - Flowtégé: Those seeking a Tier 1 Floor Flow certification will participate in all four days of the Level 1 training. After the Level 1 training, the applicant will be required to submit a video of her/himself teaching the skills and techniques learned during the training to at least three people.  Upon review and approval, the applicant will be eligible to participate in the Flow Movement® licensing program, which includes teaching Floor Flow classes. Certified instructors will be invited to private teacher development retreats and listed on the Flow Movement website. Licensed instructors receive the benefits of certification, plus, they will be featured on the Flow Movement website, receive monthly continuing education videos, class content, and private playlists. 

Tier 2 - Flow Pro: In order to become a Flow Pro, an applicant must pass both the Level 1 and Level 2 Floor Flow Teacher Trainings. Flow Pro's deeply understand Floor Flow/Flowbility/Flowbility Floor Core content, and must submit (for approval) a video of her/himself teaching an entire Floor Flow class. The Level two training is slated to begin summer 2018.

Tier 3 - Flow Master: Flow Masters are hand chosen graduates of the Level 1 and Level 2 Floor Flow Teacher Trainings, based on the following criteria: teaching expertise; professionalism; movement skills; technical knowledge; and all around bad-assery.  Flow Masters are paid assistants for the Floor Flow trainings and will eventually conduct their own Floor Flow trainings.  In addition, Flow Masters will be paid to create original content for Floor Flow.

*More information on licensing can be found HERE
**Criteria for Floor Flow certification tiers are subject to change.


March 16-19, 2017 (NYC, USA)
May 27-30, 2017 (Orlando, Florida)
August 26-29 2017 (Boulder, Colorado)
October 26-29, 2017 (Portland, Oregon)
November 16-19, 2017 (Iceland)

March 2018 (Level 2, Boulder Colorado)

What to bring:

*Pliable knee pads
*Shirts with sleeves, short or long
*Thin layers for extra joint protection









Marlo Fisken, creator of Flow Movement