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Zion National Park, Utah (September 2014)

Zion National Park, Utah (September 2014)


I've been teaching internationally since 2011.  I've now taught in 30 countries and I've grown used to certain question being asked again and again.  One in particular is this:

"Isn't it exhausting?  It must be so hard."

...Um, are you kidding me?!

My life is constantly exciting and inspiring.  This is me, on my quest; my dream has come true.  To be quite honest, it's predictability and banality that's exhausting.

See, before I could even digest the possibility, I wanted to experience the world while teaching and learning movement.  I wanted to climb mountains and see the wildlife of foreign lands.  I wanted to meet people and come to a better grasp of what it means to be a citizen of the planet Earth.  I wanted these things while remaining committed to dance, wellness, and the study of the human body.

So here I am.  Welcome to my travels.