Climbing with Orangutans in Borneo


These photos were taken over a year and a half ago in Borneo on an adventure trip with Bailey Hart.  Since the juveniles were going up, I thought I should go with them.  In this moment, I was both elated and scared because even the little ones like to play rough; as comfortable as I am climbing pole-like objects, I was in their territory, not mine.  They tried to pull on anything they could take (like any toddler), so we ended up playing tug of war with my bandana and face mask (Babies are particularly susceptible to human diseases, so you wear masks to prevent transmission.).

Even as a child, I'd get a rush of intense emotion looking into the eyes of an orangutan.  I knew I had things to learn from them.  We all do, if we'd take the time to.  I love their gentle souls, their dark eyes and wild hair.  I love that the babies hold your fingers with hand-like feet; I, too, have hand-like feet, though not as dexterous or strong.  I love sitting on the forest floor, watching how they move as they fluently navigate any forest environment, descending hundred foot trees and gobbling up huge piles of fruit.

Learn more about the Orangutan Conservation here:  Orangutan Outreach