Six Days of Surrender

Six Days of Surrender

A few weeks ago I attended the Brazilian Zouk retreat in Sagunto, Spain, led by Xandy Liberato. I suspected, when I impulsively registered, that I was diving into the deep end. Generally, when you choose to work closely with a master/innovator of a form, you should know something, or a lot of something, before you show up. I didn’t know anything about Brazilian Zouk except the superficial qualities I’d ascertained from watching Youtube vids. Some were really swirly and free, and some were really crotch-grindy. I liked the swirly ones.



It's winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. This means people don't spend as much time outside. But, regardless of season, being outside is an important part of avoiding the winter blues, a.k.a., "SAD" (seasonal affective disorder). You know how winter can be de-motivating and glum? You don't want to move because you're cold, or it's dark?

During daylight, GO OUTSIDE. I'm using all caps not to yell, but to state my enthusiasm over this incredibly simple principle that most of us have forgotten.

I find that a few minutes outside leaves me focused and de-stressed. My postural muscles wake up. As a result, I work more effectively when I go back inside. 

Training at Luna Salada Hotel de Sal

When you are in remote Bolivia, you either eat, spend time on the salt, or work it out in the hotel bar. I did lots of are some moments form my training in the only room with a wood floor in an otherwise completely salt-made hotel.

Filmed at Luna Salada Hotel de Sal.

Continuous Shoulder Pivots

Overhead view of continuous shoulder pivots. This technique is seen in contemporary dance and martial arts under a few different names. I love this movement because the head, arms, pelvis, legs and breath all play a constantly dynamic role. When one body part lags, the fluidity is lost.

The Galang Crew

Look! The super dope and charitable Galang Crew of Sweden is wearing matching tribal Flow pants for their latest video. I love their grooves and their cause...check it out! 

Use the Code GALANGCREW for 20% off apparel and a portion of all proceeds will support the SOS Children's Project in Tambacounda, Senegal, a project close the Galang Crew's heart, and part of the group's #dancersagainstracism. 

"Dance and music is universal and can link people together regardless of colour and race; when I dance I'm at my best.  Its' my biggest love and the passion for it drives me through life no matter what I'm going through."
-Sara Galan

The Galang Crew is a crew with a focus on Dancehall/Hip Hop/Afrobeats.  The dancers' styles range from hip hop, modern, jazz, and were all hand-selected by founder and choreographer, Sara Galan, to blend together to a colorful mix of energetic dancers spreading love and anti-racism messages through dance.

Sara Galan is a multi-styled dancer who has trained in New York, Europe, and Africa in dancehall, hip hop, house, and African traditional style including Sabar (Senegal) and djembe (Guinee Conakry).  She is best known for her variety in Afrobeat styles such as Ndombolo, coupe decale, Azonto, and Kuduro Angolano.  Galan was recently nominated as Artist of the Year 2015 at The African Diaspora Awards.  In March 2015, Galang Crew Afrobeat videos featuring the songs "Hold Me Now" and "Ukwa" by Nigerian artist, Timaya, went viral.

Galan is also the founder of #DancersAgainstRacism, launched in 2014, to raise a voice against racism.  Now in its second year, dancers and non-dancers all over the world participate in the movement via use of the hashtag and  by participating in Galan's donation-based workshops to support different organizations she has hand-picked.

Flow Movement Apparel


Playing in the park while frequently changing pants. Griffith Park, LA.

Music by Nina Simone, "Sinnerman" (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix)
Filmed by Kenneth Kao.