Pole Ninja Photography

Tree Climbing at JUMA Amazon Lodge (Brazil)

This video makes my heart sing. Watching it takes me back to the Amazon, a place I never expected to visit, and to the top of the forest, a place I never expected to stand. But also, it reminds me how thankful I am to have adventure after adventure, and especially for who I get to share them with. Thank you for incessantly documenting our life, Pole Ninja Photography. 

If you want to learn more about our Amazonian adventure, here's an interview with our tour guide, Ralph.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Three days ago, in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia we hiked out to the salt, and did this....

Rainbow face and couture mylar samurai moo-moo by Flow Movement ; )

Photo by Pole Ninja Photography.

Atacama Desert

The Atacama desert is one of the most stunning places on earth. In two days we saw pastel ombre mineral mountains, glittering rock face, dancing flamingos, salt-flats with neon blue water, active volcanoes, llamas with neon pink fertility adornments, velvety chocolate covered hills, golden fields of desert grass, roaming peacocks, donkeys and more. Here I am, in a crevasse in the Valle de Arcoiris. Thank you to our guide, Hegel for helping out, and big shout out to nature for making such epic places.
Photo magic by Kenneth Kao. How do you do it?

Cabo Photo Experiments

This photo is insane and I love it. The other night in Cabo we did some experimenting...during a 15 second exposure inside the beautiful, party-lit Dollskingdom Pole studio, Millie Robson ran through holding LEDs, I ran in and jumped while Kenneth Kao ran in and flashed me (with his lights of course). Voila! Colorful, intergalactic, psychedelic overkill!


This is one of my favorite stretches:

At the bottom of an externally rotated toe-balance squat, with your heels just under your sit bones (1st position grande plié for the ballet speakers), grab onto your knees. Pull your knees outward as you press your knees into your hands. Lengthen your lower back then puff your chest and look upwards. This requires major ankle stability and a lot of upper back activation.

Photo by Pole Ninja Photography.

Marlo Fisken Flow Movement