Free Spinal Wave Upgrade!

Free Spinal Wave Upgrade! 🐍🌊👍🏻 This video shares some tips for articulating and sensing the reverse wave/tail-initiated/bottom-up wave. I can go on about spinal wave details for HOURS (days even...), but even a few minutes can make a difference. This video is focused on feeling and visualizing the origin of the wave (pelvic movement).

A few things to note:

  • For maximum benefits, wave anytime anywhere. Even micro-waves are great for you. You don’t have to latch onto your pubic bone (like I show in the video 😂)

  • Any part of the wave that feels jerky, ‘vague’, or that you want to rush is where you should slow waaaay down and add more internal tension. Move like you had an immobilizing thick rubber suit on... but still really wanted to wave.

  • If you short-circuit and revert to the top down wave 🔝, take a breath, and return your focus to the motion of your tail and pubic bone🔂.

  • You might also enjoy imagining that you have a broom in your crotch and you are sweeping the floor real good 😉.

    Enjoy! #spinalwaves #spinalarticulation #healthyspine #pelvictilt

F.R.E.E. Intro to Flowbility™ Class on Qinetic's New App!

F.R.E.E. Intro to Flowbility™ Class on Qinetic's New App!

I filmed a 30-minute "Intro to Flowbility™" class and some tips last week for Qinetic. The class is already up on their new app and it's F.R.E.E. Check it out here: https://appsto.re/us/R0aZ_.i

For the video seen here: I believe functional warm-ups can be creative and fun. Try the exercise seen on this tip. Remember to move slowly; try holding the most distant position for three full seconds then make a smooth transition to your next hand or foot placement.

Wake Up Your Back in Under Three Minutes

In this excerpt from a rooftop movement session, Marlo leads a quick sequence to wake up your back musculature. Try these moves to enliven your posture and prepare for deeper stretching.  If you have more that three minutes, great! Extend this sequence by performing more repetitions of each exercise -- try each movement for 30 seconds to one minute for even more Flowbility benefits.


This is one of my favorite stretches:

At the bottom of an externally rotated toe-balance squat, with your heels just under your sit bones (1st position grande plié for the ballet speakers), grab onto your knees. Pull your knees outward as you press your knees into your hands. Lengthen your lower back then puff your chest and look upwards. This requires major ankle stability and a lot of upper back activation.

Photo by Pole Ninja Photography.

Marlo Fisken Flow Movement

Shushing the Shoulds...

All up in my Kindle at the Denver airport

All up in my Kindle at the Denver airport

I usually read full books, but out of curiosity I read the 15 min summary of the "Motivation Manifesto" by Brendon Burchard. I will never go for a summary over the experience of reading the book again. I felt like I was cheating on the author. Plus, similar to someone telling you about how good a class was, secondhand info can never replace what you may have learned from having the experience yourself. 

Anyway, that’s not what I am writing about, there was a quote in there that struck a cord....

"Waiting for the perfect day to initiate change is essentially the same as choosing never to start, because perfect opportunities are so few and far between.”

If you keep hearing yourself say “I should …..,” either take steps to make it happen ASAP, or have an honest talk with yourself about why that thing is not actually very important. It will probably never be done. 

Harsh? maybe.  But I’m here to fuel your fire. 

You are probably subscribed to Flow Movement because you are interested in moving better.  Perfect, I can help with that. But first, in what ways do you let opportunities for movement improvement pass you by?

Take a minute to think it over. 

Movement improvement can happen at any time -- not just during designated training times. 

Here are a few tiny things you can do NOW

(and over and over again/always) to improve your movement quality:

**Place one hand on your belly and one on the center of your chest. Check in with your breath. If you do not feel your abdomen move for the first 2/3 of your inhalation, and the chest for the last third, try to relax your airways and allow natural, three dimensional breath movement to happen.  Go for belly expansion with a soft chest and throat. 

**Check in with the alignment of your head.  You are reading this, but how are you holding yourself while reading this? Chronic forward head posture is a major stressor to your musical-skeletal system with repercussions ranging from chronic pain to lack of flexibility/strength and even negative emotions.  It’s worthwhile for you to become conscious of the relationship between your head and shoulders.

**Immediately after reading this go to the closest wall or floor and have two minutes of you time. Breathe, stretch, and explore.  Scan your body for muscles that could use some blood flow and pump them up.  Focus on what you feel.  Stay with what needs more attention. 

Short on ideas? I don’t believe that -- you have made it this far....Start with anything: move your head, your pelvis; squeeze your glutes; make yourself long. If you still need help, check out some videos HERE.