Tasmania (October 2015)

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.
Tasmania is a heart-shaped Australian island-state. Most of the people are centered in the two main cities, which leaves the rest of the country pretty wild. Cradle Mountain (the upper west side), sees a good number of tourists who come for the animals and hiking.
When choosing a trail, we chose the one that said “unpredictable, steep, dangerous and not recommended”…perfect!  That particular path allowed us to get to the top in well under an hour while others took 2-3. On the way down, this eucalyptus tree caught our attention. Naturally, things that catch our attention get mounted in some way. It took some acrobatics to get me up there. Passing tourists said “look at that koala!” (me). On the way down, I was thankful for the wise instructions of my companion. Sliding down trees is always a bad idea, especially in your favorite burgundy Flow Movement pants.