Training at Luna Salada Hotel de Sal

When you are in remote Bolivia, you either eat, spend time on the salt, or work it out in the hotel bar. I did lots of are some moments form my training in the only room with a wood floor in an otherwise completely salt-made hotel.

Filmed at Luna Salada Hotel de Sal.

Tasmania (October 2015)

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.
Tasmania is a heart-shaped Australian island-state. Most of the people are centered in the two main cities, which leaves the rest of the country pretty wild. Cradle Mountain (the upper west side), sees a good number of tourists who come for the animals and hiking.
When choosing a trail, we chose the one that said “unpredictable, steep, dangerous and not recommended”…perfect!  That particular path allowed us to get to the top in well under an hour while others took 2-3. On the way down, this eucalyptus tree caught our attention. Naturally, things that catch our attention get mounted in some way. It took some acrobatics to get me up there. Passing tourists said “look at that koala!” (me). On the way down, I was thankful for the wise instructions of my companion. Sliding down trees is always a bad idea, especially in your favorite burgundy Flow Movement pants.

Boulder, Colorado (May 2015)

A hike in Boulder, Colorado.
Pants by Flow Movement.

Iceland (March 2015)

All of the photos in this first slideshow were taken off the side of the road on the south coast. I started with my layers and snow boots on and gradually made it down to just fabric wrappings and undergarments. It was cold (to put it gently). The air blowing in my ears was probably worse then being barefoot in frozen sand. But... this was fun. So much emptiness makes you feel so small. I was just a tiny creature tossing things about. I am so proud of what Kenneth Kao was able to capture.

More Iceland, featuring a sneak peak of a Flow Movement scuba cuff pant.  The Jacquard Cuff Pant is available now in the STORE.

After a long drive and a stay in a country hotel we woke The area is very rural. There are no street lights (just the ones in the sky) and the closest village/town was a long drive away--we had no idea what the environment looked like until the morning. As you can see, the sky was was incredible and the thick tufted grass was both frozen and squishy.

The day after experiencing the mot insane blizzard I have ever encountered (visibility 0, face blasting 100), we sadly had to leave. These images were taken in a craggy lava field en route to the airport:

Mexico (February 2015)

Floorworking on a slippery slant on the front of a river boat provides decent core stimulation. Xochmilco, Mexico City.


Flow Movement Apparel


Playing in the park while frequently changing pants. Griffith Park, LA.

Music by Nina Simone, "Sinnerman" (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix)
Filmed by Kenneth Kao.