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Floor Flow® with Jacquie in Melbourne, Australia

Floor Flow® is a movement experience that connects you to the beauty, fun, and benefits of floorwork.

To be able to find your movement with flow is an exhilarating and liberating feeling.  The ability to use the floor to create movement, shapes, softness, dynamics all comes from be able to freely flow and find fluidity. Allowing yourself to take away the thinking brain and let your senses take over.

Expect to learn easy-to-follow, fluid combinations that you can get lost in-- while simultaneously enhancing your mobility, control, musicality and expression.  Slow down, sense more, then let it all out. Come learn how to transform the floor into your apparatus.

Floor Flow® was lovingly created by Marlo Fisken (@flowmovement).  Jacquie is the first Floor Flow® Licensed Instructor in Australia and the world, and is loving bringing this amazing movement to the floors of Bottoms Up.  We encourage ANY BODY to come and immerse yourself on the floor.

*** Please wear pants, bring socks or leg warmers, and cover your back and  shoulders (a tee-shirt is fine). Thin knee pads are highly recommended.