When one says they “got into the flow of things”, they're saying that there was a change -- from separate pieces into a whole. They found connections. They became so engrossed in an activity that they lost a sense of place, time, and perhaps even their sense of self. They entered Flow.

Research is beginning to reveal just how valuable the Flow state is to creativity and happiness.

Created by Marlo Fisken in 2012, Flow Movement® encompasses an apparel line, live events, and several movement approaches including Floor Flow®, Flowbility®, and Pole Flow®. All three approaches are built around the belief that the ideal physical practice not only cultivates control and mobility, it also stimulates us creatively and helps us connect to our sensual nature.

Flow Movement provides materials and experiences to help reacquaint you with your articulate, fluid body. Whether on your feet or on your hands, in the air or on the ground, fluidity is ultimately an openness to slow down and try new things.