Guide to Flow Movement Videos

Level Guide:

Absolute Beginner

If you are new to exercise, with little to no experience with dance, yoga or calisthenics, these videos will prepare you for the content in the Flow movement series. 


If you are new to flow movement vides, but exercise or move in a variety of ways regularly, you can start here These videos focus on smooth weight transfer and core stability. These slower paced videos also emphasize mobility and coordination. Expect to learn how to sway and wave from one shape to the next along with basic rolls, transitions and shapes that will be used in future levels. 

Advanced Beginner

If you already enjoy spending quality time moving on the floor and/or have decent flexibility you will probably feel comfortable starting here. However, there is lots of great warm-up content availabe at the lower levels, don't miss out on the simple but fluid beginner level material. Advanced beginner videos require slightly more flexibility than the beginner videos, are slightly more complex and spend more time on the hands and/or knees. Expect to refine back and front shoulder roll techniques, the use of opposition and momentum in transitions, and the foundations of cartwheel based transitions.

Low Intermediate

If you are an experienced with floor mover you will probably feel comfortable starting with this level of video. However, there is lots of great warm-up content availabe at the lower levels, don't miss out on the simple but fluid beginner level material. 



Intermediate level videos spend less time on the basics and move into higher demands on balance, strength and coordination. Before trying videos at this level you should understand how to roll safely, have a stable deep lunge on both sides, feel ready to try handstand transitions, have a hands to the floor forward fold (easily touch your toes), and feel comfortable working towards the splits. 


Videos at this level require that you feel confident trying handstand transitions, have high levels of hip and shoulder mobility AND stability. Sequences are more complex, and often require the greatest amount of space. 

What makes a video more advanced?

Videos are rated as more advanced based on the strength , balance requirements, duration of time spent on the arms, and complexity.  

Trying to move up a level but struggling?  Here's a couple of suggestions: First, do more Flowbility and Flowbility Floor Core at the appropriate level.  This will prepare your body for the bigger moves.  Second, continue to work on the opening tutorial of each move. Spend time slowly exploring each part of the move shown in the tutorial to see where exactly the challenge lies. Still struggling? Send us a video and we will offer some advice!

Space Requirements:

Small (enough space for a yoga mat; you won't always need one):

Medium (about 8' by 8'):

Large (14' For across the floor work):