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Pumpkin Flow Giveaway

Pumpkin Flow Giveaway

Pumpkin Flow Giveaway:

If you flow with a gourd of your choice between now and Nov 5, I’ll send you a code for $5 off any event or video. 


  1. Get busy with you pumpkin and catch it on video.

  2. Post at least 15 seconds on FB or IG and tag #pumpkinflow and @flowmovement 

  3. Send us a message on either platform with the link to your video and we will send you your discount code. 

DIY Pillows

DIY Pillows

Pillows. In our culture, they’re viewed as necessary bed-time equipment. Along with sheets and blankets, pillows are so strongly associated with sleep that the idea of foregoing one seems unrefined or ‘strange’ to many people.

This post is intended to raise awareness about how pillow use-habits can contribute to neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, tension, etc., and offer some DIY solutions.

We all want to move better, feel better, and get injured less easily, right? Well, looking at how you sleep might make a difference in how you’re moving and feeling the rest of the time. 

I'm Retired...Kind Of

I'm Retired...Kind Of

Tour Retirement

I haven’t told many people this….but, I’m on my last pole tour right now. Since 2011, I’ve spent between 5-10 months a year traveling the world teaching and judging, and it’s coming to an end.

I’ve taught now in 42 countries (and visited plenty more). This still blows my mind. Because videos of me dancing have been seen around the world, I was asked to go to these places. I am absolutely humbled. People all over the world welcomed and took care of me. For the rest of my life, I will retain that following the thought “I should get a pole” was one of the best little decisions I ever made.

F.R.E.E. Intro to Flowbility™ Class on Qinetic's New App!

F.R.E.E. Intro to Flowbility™ Class on Qinetic's New App!

I filmed a 30-minute "Intro to Flowbility™" class and some tips last week for Qinetic. The class is already up on their new app and it's F.R.E.E. Check it out here: https://appsto.re/us/R0aZ_.i

For the video seen here: I believe functional warm-ups can be creative and fun. Try the exercise seen on this tip. Remember to move slowly; try holding the most distant position for three full seconds then make a smooth transition to your next hand or foot placement.

Wake Up Your Back in Under Three Minutes

In this excerpt from a rooftop movement session, Marlo leads a quick sequence to wake up your back musculature. Try these moves to enliven your posture and prepare for deeper stretching.  If you have more that three minutes, great! Extend this sequence by performing more repetitions of each exercise -- try each movement for 30 seconds to one minute for even more Flowbility benefits.

December Movement Explorations: Basic Pattern Play

1.  Choose three breathy songs with minimal lyrics.
     (Suggestions from the December Playlist are listed below.)

2.  Assume one of the following positions: seated, supine (laying on your back) with feet on the floor (start of a hip bridge), quadrupedal (all fours), or sitting on your heels.

3.  Practice breathing at a slow comfortable pace.

4. Then, follow the rhythm of the music as you...

Arch and Curl / Expand and Contract 


As you move through the song, focus on moving from your pelvis. Gradually, incorporate body parts you didn’t incorporate before: use your head, your arms, your fingers, and toes. Emphasize the lengthening on the front side of your body as the back side shortens -- and vice versa. When you find spots that offer more resistance, explore them more. 

Can you curl so small it is barely visible?  Can you make it bigger than you believed it could be? 

Song suggestions:
Track #3 - Kareful, "Backwards" 
Track #4 - Ash Walker featuring Zeb Samuels, "Blue Veins"


5. Either remain in that position, or change positions for the next song as you...

Side Bend / Side Rock / Side Sway


Isolate the movement to one part of the body; sway the hips, arms, or head as the rest of the body rests. Then gradually, move your head and pelvis together in a side bend. Swish to the other side...like a snake or a cloth in the breeze. Work out the kinks as you follow your breath.

Song suggestions:
Track 5 - Handbook, "Sixteen Lights"
Track 6 - George Fitzgerald, "Full Circle" featuring Boxed In (Bonobo Remix)


6. Finally, 

Circle / Stir

circular flow movement

for the entirety of the third song. 

Can you do it only with the thighs, the head, or the hands? Feel the floor beneath you and the space around you as your circles become strong and continuous.  Reverse your circle and see what it offers.

Song suggestions:
Track 7 - Bluetech, "Phoenix Rising"
Track 8 - OBESØN, "Friend To An Enemy [NEST HQ Premiere] 


Do these movement explorations however you interpret them. 


As you repeat the patterns over and over again, you may drift into new positions. This is ok!

Focus on moving as a result of your breath. Begin small, subtle and easy. Gradually express full range of motion as you move.

There are no wrong answers, as it is an exploration. You think you look weird? Great, you are doing it right. Keep going. You feel sexy? Fantastic, exactly. You feel stiff? Beautiful, move through that.

Heightened focus brings greater results, so focus IN, and feel the space around you.

Enjoy, and share your discoveries....