What is Pole Flow®?

The Pole Flow® Series is a culmination of what I’ve learned in 11 years of teaching pole and 30 years of dance.

It is a method of pole dance instruction where the focus isn’t on the attainment of tricks or extremes; it’s on revealing your creativity, musicality, mobility, and flow in a safe and limitless way.

Pole Flow was created to help you build a respectful relationship with your body and to offer carefully crafted instructional videos that permit you to move freely.

pole Flow® tutorials for purchase:

Pole Flow® videos include:

  • Movement Preparation: These are the juicy, wavy, warm-ups. They are practical mobility sessions that enhance your awareness and movement abilities.

  • Creative Fuel: You can’t run the creative engine without fuel. In these videos, I explain concepts that can take you on a unique movement journey.

  • Pole + Floor Technique: These are the “how to do a thing/sequence” videos. Along with my best tips, I’ll always include ideas to help you create your expression of the movements. Expect a blend of Slow + Low sessions, Static Rotations, and maybe a sprinkle of Spin Pole.

Many videos will cross boundaries, so be sure to read the descriptions first.


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Pole Flow® Intensive programs:


Until now, Pole Flow® Intensives were a blend of low flow, rotations, creative work, Floor Flow, and mobility development. Starting in 2018, PFI’s will be themed. Each will investigate a specific aspect of performing and instructing fluid movement.*

If you’ve attended a Pole Flow Intensive before, you can rest assured that each of 2018’s focused intensives is packed with new material. Plus, returning students can enjoy a returning student discount of 15% off**.

Each PFI provides credit hours towards the Pole Flow Mentorship and Certification program. More information is coming soon!

pole Flow® Workshops:


I have recently begun to post slow & low Pole Flow tutorials on Instagram's newly launched IGTV platform.  Just head over to my profile (@marlofisken) for the link to my IGTV page, or here are the direct links to the first three tutorials I have posted:

>> Slow & Low Pole Flow #1 <<

>> Slow & Low Pole Flow #2 <<

>> Slow & Low Pole Flow #3 <<

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