Upon EXTENSIVE consideration, I will be creating two separate Pole Flow® Intensives -- a four day and a seven day event. 

Both programs are for movers who:

  • Want to give more attention to connections and technique
  • Desire the secrets of refined movement quality
  • Crave the time to refine the basics in a supportive and fun environment

What is it this event?

This custom program is all about cultivating the skills to make movement seamless, readily change patterns, sensually express, and get lost in Flow.

This is for movers who have said, “I’m just not Flowy!” (or recognize room for improvement in the Flow department).

Seeking flow is not about perfection or moving in a particular style—it’s about freedom, continuation, and not holding back. To be clear, Flow is not a basic skill. However, the best way to examine it is with movement simple enough that you can do it again and again. This, we will do.

As a student, you’ll experience a number of different classes with me including static Pole Flow®, Aerial Flowtations (rotations), Spin Pole Flow, Dance Foundations, Floor Flow®, Flowbility®, Soxotic (exotic in socks), WTF...Work the Floor (pole floorwork), and more.

*These programs are NOT certification programs.


Pole Flow® Foundations (4 days): July 6-9, 2017
Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Cost $550 for 5 hours of training a day plus a surprise

Pole Flow® Foundations (7 days): July 30 - August 5, 2017
Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Cost: $999 for 5-6 hours of training a day plus a surprise activity


Boulder is located about 50min from Denver international airport. It is easily accessible from a $9 bus.
Housing is not provided during the event, but there are numerous Air B&B/VRBO and hotel options available close to where training will take place. We will help you pair up with other attendees to keep costs down.
Food also, is not provided, but the amazing this about Boulder is that there is clean, real, food available all over. We’ll make sure that you have access to food that nourishes you. 

For more on Boulder, check out our Boulder guide HERE.