Jacquie is the co-creator and co-owner of Bottoms Up! in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Jacquie has always had a love of dance, stepping on stage for the first time aged 5. She was Classically trained with the Southern Ballet Company in New Zealand for 17 years.  Moving to London she delved into the circus arts and trained and performed extensively throughout Europe and England with acro-contemporary troupe Zoid Induction.

On moving to Australiain 2001, she created dance trio Hektix.  With the resurgence of Burlesque in Melbourne she co-founded and performed with the notorious neo-burlesque troupe Voodoo Trash Dolls! This was where her fiery alter ego Sparkarella was born. During this she discovered pole dancing and quickly began teaching for PoleStars and incorporated this into the Burlesque scene. Bottoms Up! Burlesque & Pole School was created with a passion for dance and teaching and wanting to share skills honed over many years across the world.  She loves seeing students flourish into confident and amazing ladies!

Currently Jacquie performs as a solo artist,  choreographs and produces events within Bottoms Up!, trains and mentors students,  dances and performs tango, burlesque and pole, and can often be seen with an angle grinder!

She believes a great pole show is one that blends hardcore strength with beautiful flow, choreography pertinent to the piece, but overall one that entertains and draws the audience in.

Dance like everyone is watching! 


Growing up in Northern California with a wilderness obsessed family led Seanmichael directly down the path of natural movement. He spent most of his childhood barefoot and shirtless hiking through the hills, chasing deer, climbing trees, and jumping into creeks. As an adult, Seanmichael has studied anatomy, biomechanics, movement ecology, and multiple forms of dance/movement. He especially loves sharing Floor Flow® with his students because of its accessibility, creativity, therapeutic/meditative qualities, and the fact that you can take it with you wherever you go. 


Dance was a first love for Tracee Kafer, who started at the innocent age of 3. Many moons later, with over 28 years of training in multiple genres and a decade of teaching, performing, and choreographing, she has now turned feverishly to improvisational movement to feel truly untethered from genre, style, convention, and apparatus. She believes that if you can move… you can dance, and in honoring that process as a life practice, you can live in a world of personal evolution, community, and freedom.

A true inspiration addict, with an insatiable appetite for both the logical and mystical, Tracee is a tarot and crystal healing enthusiast, Reiki II Practitioner, practicing yogi, bibliophile, and digital nerd.

Tracee is known for creating Finding Your Freestyle, an immersive movement practice brand, learning experience, and community of freestylers. With a degree in Advertising, and a lover of all things typographical, creative, and communicative, Tracee pursues a career in creative design and marketing and is currently Body & Pole’s Marketing Director.

Photos by Ray Tamarra

Photos by Ray Tamarra

Emily Sanderson has been teaching movement since age 14 when she started instructing the younger students at her Irish dancing school in Ventura, California. While working towards her degree in Kinesiology she began studying many different forms of dance and movement and earned her first Pilates certification at age 19. After college she started training in the aerial arts, and when she found pole dancing she became hooked. She eventually moved to NYC to work at Body & Pole, teaching and training extensively in pole, flexibility, and floorwork. She is a continuous student of anatomy, yoga, functional movement, Pilates, and dance. As an instructor she loves creating an environment where students can lose themselves in movement and where all levels of student are both welcomed and challenged!

Emily's assistant, Sparky, focusing on the Floor Flow® Teacher Training manual!

Emily's assistant, Sparky, focusing on the Floor Flow® Teacher Training manual!

Barbara was always into sports. She started with various martial arts when she was a teenager. Later on, as a competitive athlete, she also took up running, eventually leading to marathons. About the same time she started dancing.  Falling in love with movement (running and dance), she left her office job to open up her studio.  She holds certifications in dance, endurance sports, flexibility, and is now the first licensed Floor Flow® instructor in Europe.

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Growing up in the countryside, Julia ever since had a deep connection to nature and natural movement. With not many activities on offer in her village, she spent her childhood climbing trees and roaming through local forests and fields. As a young child, she was lucky enough to have joined a dance society for a few months.

Focusing on her enjoyment of the arts and maths brought her a Master’s degree in Interactive Media in return and enabled her to establish a successful business as a software developer and graphic designer. Her creative career allowed her to live in Berlin, Barcelona and London so far and transformed her into some sort of a nomad with her current base in Leipzig, Germany.

When living in London, one day she was bent on fulfilling herself a long-term dream: learning how to dance on a pole. This decision thereafter should redirect her path in life forever. As she simultaneously experienced the issues arising from our modern-day sedentary, artificially stressful, overfed and undernourished lifestyle, Julia adjusted the sails.

She researched sedulously to better understand how the human body works and our mind’s and breathing’s effect on it. As a seemingly natural progression, she gained multiple qualifications and certifications in pole, fitness and movement sciences and complemented these with continuous education in holistic nutrition and health. These studies surfaced a need for improvisational movement explorations and games, which she incorporates into her classes whenever suitable.

As an avid traveller, Julia attends dance and movement classes all over the world whenever she can. The myriad of cultural influences she absorbed during her journeys made her an even more open-minded and creative human being. All these values are projected into her classes where everyone of all levels and abilities is warmly welcomed.

Julia equally loves natural movement, lyrical dance and exotic seductiveness – always with the ultimate goal of getting lost in the flow. With her holistic approach, creative mind and her eye for detail she creates unique and inspirational, immersive and high-quality classroom experiences. Come on, join the fun!


Dakota's ultimate hero is Xena: The Warrior Princess, who inspired her to live a wild, unashamed life as a woman-warrior. A tomboy until her early twenties, Dakota was introduced to pole dance fitness in 2009. She began to mold her background in martial arts to her powerful style of movement both in the air and on the ground. She has performed, competed and taught internationally – but teaching is her deepest passion. Dakota came into pole dancing with no previous dance experience and struggled for years to develop her “dancer” mind. She first experienced the Flow Movement ideology in 2015 and immediately felt a strong connection to the flow mission and purpose. For Dakota, Flow has become more than just a movement & dance class... it has grown into a whole new way of thinking, observing and interacting with the world. She looks forward to sharing her own “Foxxy” version of Floor Flow with those in her classes!


Liz Waddell

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Melanie is the founder of Vertical Fusion pole and aerial dance studios in Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado. Melanie entered the scene late, having started pole dance at the age of 38, with zero professional dance training beyond grade school. In an effort to bridge the gap resulting from her lack of professional training, Melanie jumped on every opportunity possible to train with professionals over the past six years. It wasn’t until she started training with Marlo, that she felt the learning curve of becoming a skilled dancer finally start to shorten. Melanie took the Floor Flow certification hoping to develop a stronger vocabulary in floor work for the purpose of teaching and performing pole dance. What she discovered, and is still discovering, is that she is making the greatest gains in skill, athleticism, organic movement, and artistry than any other training she has experienced to date. Melanie’s first love is teaching, so after realizing the magnitude of the impact Floor Flow had on her practice, she just had to share it with her students, her husband, her children, and even her two-year-old grandson. Floor Flow has quickly become one of the most popular classes, and is quickly becoming the movement foundation across disciplines and apparatuses, at Vertical Fusion studios! 


Krystal has been a lover of movement ever since she can remember. Although Krystal’s family was unable to afford dance classes, Krystal found herself dancing anytime and anywhere that she could. In 2008 Krystal had the opportunity to join a pole dance studio in Houston Texas. It is from here that she was able to really grow and expand her knowledge in the art of sensual dance. She found that her passion extended much further than learning only for herself. She discovered that teaching became just as rewarding as dance. 

Krystal has now been teaching sensual dance and floor work since 2009. In the summer of 2017 she had the opportunity to take the Floor Flow Intensive with Marlo Fisken. Since this experience, Krystal has discovered the endless possibilities of floor work for herself as well as for her students. Krystal has learned that this boundless movement is one that any individual could learn and continue to learn from. It is adaptable and can meet the needs of anyone who longs to discover how to use their entire body in a fluid and unrestrained manner.

Due to the passion Krystal has for teaching as well as dancing, her classes are always warm and welcoming. Any individual regardless of age or experience can find joy in her class. Come join her. She’d love to see you flowing soon.

Certified Instructors

Meri Burgess, Colorado

Meri Burgess, Colorado

Sasha Viers, Colorado

Sasha Viers, Colorado

Amanda Grant, Colorado

Amanda Grant, Colorado

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