What is Flowbility®?

Each Flowbility sequence is an engaging movement journey of seamless weight transfer and active, alignment-based flexibility training. 

In a Flowbility session, you will connect with your breath and explore your way in to and out of positions of a stretch. Though you will see some shapes and names and transitions that are reminiscent of yoga (and other modalities). Flowbility is different, the mat is not the end of your play space. Mats are only used when extra joint protection is necessary. 

In Flowbility, you will move freely into, out of, and within stretches. When you find resistance you are encouraged to explore it, then flow through it.

Flowbility® Tutorials for Purchase:

Ranging from 5 min. quick-fixes to extended mobility enhancing sequences, these chilled-out videos incorporate a variety of effective body-freeing techniques. Perfect for warming-up and waking-up.

Floor Core Videos are unique, comprehensive core-centric mini workouts that are great as a warm-up or when performed alone. Get lost in your workout in these fun and flowing conditioning sequences.