What is Flowbility®?

A Flowbility sequence is an engaging journey challenging your ability to flow and move freely with control in a variety of ways.  It simultaneously teaches seamless weight transfer and active, alignment-based flexibility training.

Flowbility is not yoga. Though you will see some shapes and names and transitions that originate in yoga, Flowbility is different. The mat is not the end of your play space.  In Flowbility, you will move freely into, out of, and within, stretches. When you find resistance, you are encouraged to explore it, and then flow through it.

Flowbility® Tutorials for Purchase:

Ranging from 5 to 30 minutes, these videos incorporate mobility enhancing techniques.  Use them to wake up, warm-up, or freely combine as you wish!

Flowbility Floor Core videos are unique, comprehensive core-centric mini workouts. Get lost in your workout in these fun and flowing conditioning sequences.

Flowbility® Classes:

In short, this musically-inspired class combines the development of functional mobility with creativity. Expect across-the-floor exercises that challenge your range of motion, agility and balance, and guided creativity exercises to help you discover transitions and freedom of movement.Please wear pants and cover your shoulders (a T-shirt is fine). Some movements will require pivoting and sliding.

Kneepads recommended for sensitive knees. Thin movement-friendly knee pads will be available for purchase for $20. Also, please bring a yoga mat. A small portion of class will include movement that may be more comfortable with padding.