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Floor Flow® Level 1 Teacher Training

The Floor Flow® Teacher Training is a four-day immersion in the art of floorwork. Marlo developed the Floor Flow® Teacher Training to prepare others to lead fun and entrancing classes of their own.  

At its core, the Floor Flow Teacher Training offers a creative framework of infinite possibilities that can be applied to any movement discipline. The training is guaranteed to improve your awareness and your ability to guide mixed-level groups through a transformative movement experience safely.

Who is the Floor Flow teacher training for?

As this is a teacher training, it’s geared towards those who already, or would like to, instruct movement. However, many non-teachers do attend for personal enrichment. If you’ve considered taking the Floor Flow teacher training but hesitated because you aren’t a dancer, or it seems above your level, think again. The material is very progressive and suits all levels of ability and experience. 

Material from the FFTT can be applied to self-practice, one-on-one coaching, or multi-level classes. The Floor Flow® Level 1 Teacher Training will heighten your creative resourcefulness no matter what type of movement you love to do or teach.

What happens in the training?

Each day begins with a two hour (or longer) class where you’ll experience the material in the book. You’ll learn ways to pair your movement with your breath naturally, sense your body, and your connection to the floor.

You’ll participate in guided explorations that help you relate to the floor as your apparatus, and you’ll experience the captivating nature of looping sequences. The training presents a multitude of foundational skills and non-intimidating creative exercises to evolve your movement.

Throughout the training there are brief, interactive discussions on essential movement concepts and time to create your own sequences. Because Floor Flow is about integrating rather than imposing or limiting, you’re asked to blend your new ideas with what you already know and enjoy. 

The Floor Flow Training will prepare you to develop well-composed patterns that you and your students can get lost in.

Will I have to teach?

You won’t be asked to demonstrate your teaching abilities in front of the group, though you will work with a partner at times, which involves instruction. You won’t be tested or graded on your abilities or comprehension. For those interested in testing and certification, that is done outside of the four-day course.


  • Pliable, broad coverage, knee pads (small coverage, sticky sided, or thick volleyball-type knee pads are not recommended). There will be some available for purchase at the training;

  • Lightweight long-sleeve shirts with back and belly coverage;

  • Full-length pants or leggings (double layer is recommended);

  • Something to cover your feet (socks or legwarmers).

    Note: If you are new to the floor, or are particularly bony, you may want to plan for extra layers around the knees, ankles, hips, spine, and shoulders.

Course Materials:

Floor Flow® Level 1 Training Manual which includes 200+videos of the techniques (included).


You do not need any particular experience to benefit from this training, but prior exploration of floor movement in some context (even on your living room floor) is recommended.

To familiarize yourself with some of the material in the training, we recommend watching and practicing the Floor Flow Tutorials: Basics, Intro to Flowbility®, and Flowbility Session 1 videos.


To become a certified Floor Flow® Instructor, you must perform a 60-90 minute mock class, in any language.  The mock class can be submitted on video, conducted over Skype, or be scheduled in-person with Marlo. Information on the content of that class can be found HERE.

Certification is a credential; it's a way to verify your basic understanding of the material. It does not grant you the right to teach a class called Floor Flow. To teach Floor Flow®, read on:

Certification + Licensing:

If you do choose to become a teacher of Floor Flow®, you’re joining an international network of knowledgeable and innovative instructors. You gain the ability to teach a class called FLOOR FLOW® and have access to closed discussion groups. Additionally, you’ll be granted early access to various Flow Movement® events, be featured on the Flow Movement website as a recommended instructor, receive social media promotion to boost your classes and workshops, and be provided the use of branding materials.  Because we're invested in the growth of our certified and licensed instructors, you’ll receive monthly continuing education and exclusive playlists. 

There are three tiers of certification/accreditation for Floor Flow*:

Tier 1 - Flowtégé:  All certified Level 1 instructors are Flowtégés. Flowtégés are invited to private teacher development retreats such as the Floor Flow teachers Gathering and are eligible to take the Level 2 training. 

Tier 2 - Flowtégé+: To become a Flowtégé+, you must pass both the Level 1 and Level 2 Floor Flow Teacher Training tests. The Level two training is slated to begin August 2019.

Tier 3 - Flow Pro: Flow Pro: Flow Pro’s are paid assistants for the Floor Flow trainings and will eventually conduct their own Floor Flow trainings. These individuals are hand chosen graduates of the Level 1 and Level 2 Floor Flow Teacher Trainings who have demonstrated teaching expertise, professionalism, movement skills, technical knowledge, and charisma.  

Additional information on licensing can be found HERE
*Criteria for Floor Flow certification tiers are subject to change.

upcoming DateS:

Level 1: August 2019 (Boulder, Colorado)
Level 2: September 2019 (Boulder, Colorado)
Level 1: November 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal)





Marlo Fisken, creator of Flow Movement