What is Floor Flow®?

Floor Flow is a movement practice that encourages you to get lost in the grounding and sensual nature of floorwork. I developed Floor Flow to reveal how focused floor contact can benefit everyone. 

Heighten your movement awareness and creative potential as you practice easy-to-remember looping sequences that emphasize fluidity, control, and joint mobility. An ongoing Floor Flow practice can lead to immense athleticism, creativity, and expression.

In Floor Flow, the floor is your apparatus. What will you do with it?

Who is Floor Flow for?

It’s for everyone. If you can lay down on the floor, you can Floor Flow. Floorwork is therapeutic, safe, and very progressive. It’s the perfect place to gain awareness and freedom of movement. Yes, it can be performed at high levels, but it’s all rooted in the same basic foundations.

What happens in a Floor Flow class?

In a Floor Flow class, you will move creatively through slithery, circular, primal patterns. You will perform movements with both supple control and momentum. 

With an emphasis on how things feel, rather than how they look, Floor Flow classes provide you a place to get out of your head, and into your body.

Why is there so much rolling on the floor?

By learning movements where more than just your feet are attached to the floor, we have an opportunity to receive feedback about our mobility and movement quality. Plus it’s FUN.

Floor Flow® Tutorials for Purchase:

Whether on your feet or hands, in the air or on the ground, fluidity is the mastery of weight transfer. The Floor Flow tutorials include bodyweight conditioning movements, dynamic stretches, and nourishing, smooth transitions. By practicing Floor Flow, you are learning skills that you can easily mix and match to create your own flows.

Floor Flow requires no equipment other than floor space (some movements require a smooth floor [not carpet or rubber]). Knee pads, socks, and sleeves are recommended for some techniques.

Floor Flow® teacher training: