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elevatED Pole Level 2 Training (New York)


elevatED Pole Level 2 Teacher Training

The elevatED Pole Level 2* teacher training program builds on Level 1’s foundations. You will deepen your knowledge, skill and movement vocabulary as you revisit the elevatED principles more in depth and learn 100+ new techniques.

The Level 2 training covers these subjects:

    • The learning process

    • Overcoming plateaus

    • Types of training: endurance vs. strength

    • Cultivating alignment self-awareness

    • Pole physics: understanding momentum and force

    • Building the classroom vocabulary

    • Verbal cueing: the power of intonation

    • Body preparation for improved performance

    • How to combine and refresh Level 1 and Level 2 moves

    • Emergency procedures in action

    • Tactile cueing in detail

    • Setting appropriate classroom expectations

    • More original movement labs and movement observations

    • And more…

Training schedule

Day one: Day one actually starts before you even get to the training! A pre-training exercise will help you come prepared with an outline of your current class structure and vision. Get to know your group, receive your class materials, identify your goals for the weekend and learn how to create your ideal pole class. Your master trainer will lecture on subjects such as: equipment maintenance, creating an optimum classroom environment, body knowledge, alignment, muscle activation, and injury prevention. You will review some of the techniques you learned in our Pole Level 1 training, and get an introduction to pole physics.

Day two: Start the day with an elevatED warm-up. Your master trainer will continue lecturing on cueing, balancing a class, and progression. You will then participate in movement labs to refresh your verbal cueing skills. After, you will begin learning how to instruct body awareness, fluidity techniques, strength building techniques, climbs, dismounts, inversions, and inverted dismounts.

Day three: We begin day three with a master class. You master trainer will lead you through a sample level one pole dance fitness class so that you can experience the elevated format and philosophy in action. Continue learning classroom techniques for Level 2 moves, including spins and tricks inversions. Day three involves several movement labs. The first will help you further your verbal teaching skills as you learn to be specific, descriptive and imaginative. In the second, you will think creatively about creating unforgettable and transformative classroom experiences. 

At the end of the third day you take both a written and practical exam. Everyone receives a certificate of completion and a tank top. Scores are sent by email within a week after the training. 

Course materials

The manual:  The level 2 manual is a 230-page designed book with hundreds of color photos. Each of the 100+ techniques are explained in detail and accompanied by movement observation exercises, movement labs, teaching, cueing and alignment tips.

The manual serves as a workbook throughout the training and as a living resource  throughout your career to help you create the ideal curriculum and to get to know yourself as a teacher.

The BONUS Flash Drive: The custom elevatED flash drive has close-up videos of each of the Level 2 techniques that has a physical spot. It will be your resource to refresh your spotting skills after the training.

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