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Workshops + Mini-Intensives (Mulhouse, France)

Class size is small - 10 students in pole classes, 15 in non-pole classes.
Floor Flow® Workshop (2 hours)
Saturday, November 2, 2019: 10AM-12PM

This class is entirely dedicated to the investigation of fluid floorwork. Expect to learn rolls and easy-to-follow progressive combinations. Every class includes guided creative movement exercises to help you find your flow. Please wear pants, bring socks or legwarmers, and cover your shoulders (a t-shirt is fine). Some movements will require pivoting and sliding.
Open to all levels.

Pole Flow® Slow + Low Mini Intensive (3 hours)
Saturday, November 2, 2019: 13:30-16:30:

I like my dancing like I like my food: well-seasoned, nourishing, and made with love.
Slow + Low is a grounded pole and floorwork intensive.
For three hours, you’ll be asked to take your time, and savor the flavor of incredibly fluid movement.
Open to all levels of experience.

Pole Flow® Rotations: the Art of Aerial Spinning on a Static Pole (2 hours)
Saturday, November 2, 2019: 17:30-19:30

Learn the techniques to make your aerial transitions flow and rotate. Appropriate for intermediate-advanced dancers, though beginner Rotations workshops are available as well.

Floor Flow® Swirly Floor Tricks - 2 hours
Sunday, November 3: 10AM-12PM

Two hours of of spinning, kipping, and eye-catching floorwork techniques. Layers are HIGHLY suggested (leggings, legwarmers, knee pads, socks, and a tee-shirt).
*Must be comfortable will rolling on the floor.

Pole Flow®: Circular Low Flow Mini Intensive - 3 hours
Sunday, November 3: 13:30-16:30

Learn the exercises that Marlo practices to find big, circular connections in her movement.

Pole Flow® Signature Moves and Aerial Exploration - 2 hours
Sunday, November 3: 17:30-19:30

Learn some of Marlo's signature moves and the process of exploration behind them.

All workshops will be held at Pole Dance Mulhouse (55 Rue de Pfastatt, 68100 Mulhouse, France)