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Grounded: the Floor Flow Experience (Baltimore)

Spend two days experiencing the grounding, sensual, and playful nature of fluid floorwork with Marlo Fisken.

This workshop will stimulate freedom of movement and awareness through guided exploration, looping sequences, and movement games.

The program is broken down into four three-hour sessions as follows:
Session 1: Contact, Weight, Coordination and Breath
Session 2 - Articulation, Quality, and Range of Motion(expression)
Session 3 - Traveling, Rolling, and Momentum
Session 4 - Loop creation and Flow Tools

Who is this workshop for?
It’s for everyone. If you can lay down on the floor, you can Floor Flow.
With an emphasis on how things feel, rather than how they look, Floor Flow classes provide you with a place to get out of your head, and into your body.

May 11-12, 2019.
10:30AM-1:30PM and 2:30-5:30PM each day
This two day event will take place at Movement Lab (301 W 29th St, Baltimore, MD 21211)