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elevatED Flexibility Training (New York)



Want to incorporate Flexibility Training into your schedule or training regimen, but not confident about proper teaching technique? Frustrated or confused by conflicting views on how to stretch? Not sure how to prepare the body for deep flexibility work? Or just want to expand your movement vocabulary for flexibility class?

In the elevatED Level 1 Flexibility teacher training, you will gain a foundation of exercise science fundamentals and learn how to apply them in a flexibility setting. Become confident in how to stretch (yourself and your students) safely and create flowing sequences that promote flexibility gains, all while keeping physical longevity in mind.

Learn over 100+ exercises presented in the manual, along with a method that will give you the knowledge to create your own.


Topics you will explore include:

    • The elevatED philosophy on flexibility

    • Types of stretching: safety, effectiveness, and purpose

    • Factors that affect flexibility

    • Training vs. maintaining flexibility

    • The art of alignment: why bone placement is essential

    • Curating your class environment

    • Preparing the body for deeper range of motion

    • Using your voice as an instructor

    • Progression and seamless sequencing

    • Cueing for optimal breath, alignment and mindset

    • And more…


Day one: Starting on day one, your master trainer will lead you through a sample level one elevatED Flexibility class so that you can experience the elevatED format and philosophy in action. Afterwards, you will get to know your group, receive your class materials, identify your goals for the weekend, and begin to think about how to create YOUR ideal flexibility class. Your master trainer will lecture on subjects such as: do’s and don’t’s of effective stretching, how to create an optimum classroom environment for flexibility, anatomy, body knowledge, alignment, cueing tactics, and injury prevention. Become familiar with the ElevatED Method for Flexibility Training.

Day two: Start day two with an elevatED Flexibility class. Your master trainer will begin leading you through “The Moves” as you learn, breakdown, move through, cue, and teach new mobility and flexibility moves. Learn how to prepare the body and apply the elevatED Method of Flexibility Training by creating your own movement sequences. You will participate in movement labs and work with partners as you practice correcting alignment, cueing muscular activation, and generating fluid sequences.

Day three: We begin day three with another elevatED Flexibility class. You will continue learning flexibility moves and generating movement sequences, building up to bigger goals moves such as—splits, wheel, straddle, etc. Discuss proper alignment, advancements, modifications, adjustments and assists for each move.

At the end of the third day you take both a written and practical exam. Everyone receives a certificate of completion and a tank top. Scores are sent by email within a week after the training.


The manual:  The manual: The level 1 Flexibility manual is a 325-page designed book with 100s of color photos. The first 50 pages of the book are dedicated to explaining the elements of classroom excellence, common questions about flexibility, anatomy and body knowledge, teaching guidelines, theory, and more.

Each of the 100+ techniques are explained in detail and accompanied by movement labs, teaching, cueing, and alignment tips.
The manual serves as an encyclopedia of moves and information which you can reference over the course of the training and throughout your career. It will serve as a living resource, helping you create the ideal curriculum for you and your students as you continue to grow and develop as a teacher.

Each of the 100+ techniques are explained in detail and accompanied by movement observation exercises, movement labs, teaching, cueing and alignment tips.