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DTF Pole Flow® Intensive (Boulder, CO)


DTF...Down to Flow
June 3-5, 2019

So much can stand in the way of a good Flow. 

Social conditioning. 
Shit people said to you.  
Bad vibes.
Difficulty focusing.

But, none of that means you can’t learn to Flow like an absolute champ.

You can. 

But you need to believe that you can. You need first-hand experience moving on when things get choppy or nerve-racking. 

Within the safety of this workshop, we will purposefully work with situations that may typically shut us down, so that we can gain the tools to rise above- and keep on flowing.  Yes, you will also learn flowy floor and pole things from Marlo, but most importantly you will walk away with a new sense and appreciation for your own power as a mover. 

This three day event will take place at Vertical Fusion and Avalon Ballroom (Arapahoe Road, Boulder, CO)