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Pole Flow® Intensive (Austin)


Until now, Pole Flow® Intensives were a blend of low flow, rotations, creative work, floor flow, and mobility development. Starting in 2018, PFI’s will be themed. Each will investigate a specific aspect of performing and instructing fluid movement.*

If you’ve attended a Pole Flow Intensive before, you can rest assured that each of 2018’s focused intensives are packed with new material. Plus, returning students can enjoy a returning student discount of 15% off.

Each PFI provides credit hours towards the Pole Flow Mentorship and Certification program. More information on that coming soon!

* The classic PFI model will continue in select locations:

  • March 2-4, 2018: Paris, France (Pole & Dance Studio) - Slow + Low
  • April 13-15, 2018: San Francisco (Inspiration Studios) - Static Rotations Mastery
  • May 10-12, 2018: Boulder, Colorado (Vertical Fusion) - Making Moves
  • May 25-27, 2018: Austin (ATX Studio) - Slow + Low: Sultry Edition
  • June 4-6, 2018: Orlando, Florida (Lotus Fitness Studio) - Slow + Low
  • July 27-29, 2018: Amsterdam (To be Announced)
  • August 18-21, 2018: Boulder, Colorado (Vertical Fusion) - The Articulate Body (*There is a Floor Flow Teacher Training sandwiched between these two events)
  • August 28-30, 2018: Boulder, Colorado (Vertical Fusion) - Slow + Low: Sultry Edition (The Floor Flow Teachers Gathering immediately follows this event.)
  • October 20-22, 2018: Portland, Oregon (Diva Den) - Slow + Low
  • November 2018: Australia (To be Announced)

Prices vary based on location and duration.

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There’s something about movers with highly articulate bodies that captivates and enthralls. It’s not their flexibility, it’s their superb range of expression. It’s their ability to use their full range of motion to reflect the subtleties of music. When seeking these skills, people often think, “I should stretch more.” But conventional stretching has little to do with it.

Your mobility is the result of how you move, what you use, and what you don’t. This intensive will enhance your ability to articulate and control every joint in your body. Transform your dance into something that expands your range of expression on and off the pole. [OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE ]

I like my dancing like I like my food: well-seasoned, nourishing, and made with love.

Slow + Low is a grounded pole and floorwork intensive.

For four days, you’ll be asked to take your time, and savor the flavor of incredibly fluid movement. [OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE ]

This is the aphrodisiac version of Slow + Low.We will slowly simmer the sexy side of pole movement for four whole days. Bring yo’ heels. [ OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE ]

Moving creatively is a habit; let’s build it together.

Develop the tools to regularly create your OWN sequences and shapes. This intensive will lead you to new movement choices and help refine your ability to clearly execute them.

[Intermediate and up. It’s recommended that you are comfortable inverting aerially. Total confidence in all leg hangs suggested.]

If you can do it, you can also spin it. Learn the secrets of seamless aerial flow from the person who coined the term “Static Rotations”.

As all aerial work has ground-based foundations, this intensive also includes low pole work that correlates to aerial skill and fluidity. [Intermediate and up. It’s recommended that you are comfortable inverting aerially. Total confidence in all leg hangs suggested.]