This event sold out in two days! If you are interested in an event that will touch upon these same topics, please consider signing up for the 7-day Floor Flow Foundations Intensive for Instructors/Experienced Movers.

Anthro-pole-ogy Seminar (10 days):

This training is for pole dancers who:

  • Are seasoned instructors or movers who care deeply about movement longevity
  • Want to take the time to pre-hab AND learn cool stuff
  • Crave a better understanding of mobility/flexibility and functionality
  • Want to study mechanics and then immediately use that information to be a more unique, inspired mover
  • Are not afraid to adapt, change, and evolve

Anthropology is the study of human kind. Anthropology reveals why our bodies move the way they do, and what movements can be considered natural vs. unnatural. With this knowledge, we are well-equipped to make better movement choices.

Though universally beneficial, optimal mechanics are not universally appealing. People pursue physical achievements even if they ultimately cause irreparable damage. We need to remember that before we are a pole dancers, we are human.

When you prioritize your sport more than you prioritize caring for your function as a human, you are set up for problems. If you love pole, you need to love caring for yourself so that you can keep moving well for a long time.

Many people aren’t ready for the information and experiences that will be had during this event.  Those that are, are movement leaders that I would trust.

How will it go?

We will begin each day with thoughtful movement and self-care. It’s important to take the time to focus in, prepare, and restore your body. In the daily grind, self-care is often the first to go — but not during this event.

After, we’ll move on to pole & floor training. The pole classes will cover both static and spin pole technique — but unlike most classes, the movement will be paired with a functional anatomy discussion on a particular region of the body. We’ll then use this information to inspire us in our creative work and skill-building.

Later, class will be based on a movement quality theme. Movement quality has much to do with the imagination of the mover. The sensations and images that the mover creates in their minds’ eye appear in their movement. To flow, float, hit, be abstract, be sensual as f**k, or create intricate combinations, a dialogue between the mind and body must occur. You must have a way to translate sound into image, or sensation, and then into movement. We will continually hone this skill.

And because it’s my event, there will games and surprises. Expect to try some new things and laugh like mad.

Ultimately, this intensive is about awareness. Having a positive relationship with movement is having a healthy relationship with your body. Health is more than looks, it’s how you think about and treat yourself.

Nowhere else can you experience functional movement, pole dance, floorwork, bodywork and creative development in one event. And based on this description, anyone who actually signs up will probably have a mindset like you.

By the end of the ten days, you will gain a renewed sense of connection between your parts. The result—enhanced freedom of movement and a new level of potential.

This seminar is not about stacking tricks into your repertoire (though that may happen). It’s about making connections and gaining fresh perspective. It’s about becoming a more versatile, knowledgeable, self-loving homo sapien.


When: September 12-21, 2017
Group Size: Max 16 people, Min 10 people
Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Cost $1400
Expect 54 hours of training and classroom time.


Boulder is located about 50min from Denver international airport. It is easily accessible from a $9 bus.
Housing is not provided during the event, but there are numerous Air B&B/VRBO and hotel options available close to where training will take place. We will help you pair up with other attendees to keep costs down.
Food also, is not provided, but the amazing thing about Boulder is that there is clean, real, food available all over. We’ll make sure that you have access to food that nourishes you. 

For more on Boulder, check out our Boulder guide HERE.